Hi, welcome home 🙂

Here at Russet we’re on a mission to make design work for you by offering affordable basics and helping you build the foundation of your home. Originally founded in New York and now based in Los Angeles, we’ve been around the block and we get what it’s like to live in small spaces. So when designing our products, we want to make sure nothing is too big or too small, but instead just right. The same goes for our stains. By offering three different options, our goal is to give you enough variety in order to customize your space without having to weigh an endless supply of options. Decision fatigue—it's real!

Perhaps most importantly, though, is respectful and accessible pricing. Russet was initially conceived under one primary objective—affordability. We were tired of exorbitant products being labelled affordable, and unwieldy products being labeled simple. Accessibility and approachability are at the core of everything we do, both in and out of the house.

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We can’t wait to meet you new home makers <3