New Home Makers' Quizlette: Alexandra Cadena Stempel 

New Home Makers' Quizlette: Alexandra Cadena Stempel 

Welcome to our New Home Makers' Quizlette: A place where we get all the details from real people with real lives and very real budgets all on a quest to build the modern home. No fuss. No frill. Just facts (plus some furniture).


Name: Alexandra Cadena Stempel 

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 30

Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: Script Coordinator 

Type of home: A very old charming apartment 

Time in your space: 6ish years 

Cohabitants: My husband and our sweet angel dog, Frida. 


Side tables: 

Where you cook

Where you dream

Your biggest splurge: This Gae Aulenti pipistrello lamp that I coveted with a passion. It still makes my heart flutter. 

Latest addition: Our new couch! 


Your go to recipeThere are dishes I keep coming back to despite being someone who cooks a lot and experiments with a lot of new dishes. For example, I make arepas almost every single day. Always the same — cheese and butter. Last year I had an almost concerning hyper fixation with a delicious couscous recipe from NYTCooking by the amazing Melissa Clark. It’s so creamy and hearty. I could eat it every single day with a mountain of dill and cilantro for sprinkling. 

I also adore #thestew by Alison Roman. It’s a classic for a reason. Her latest recipe, a lentil soup with squash is also becoming a classic in my home. Another slam dunk. 

Your trusty steed (thing that you cannot live without): My Dyson vacuum. Greatest thing I’ve ever bought. 

"Homemaker" idolNancy Meyers! She really sparked a curiosity in me for interiors. I wanted to have a little charming cottage in the English countryside, a mansion in Los Angeles, a house I could remodel in Santa Barbara while simultaneously having an affair with my architect (my husband is an architect which makes this scenario even more attainable). 

I also loved Dakota Johnson’s home in the Hollywood Hills (I love limes!), I adored Troye Sivan’s home in Melbourne, Joan Didion’s New York apartment was a dream come true. I also think about Molly Baz’s Los Angeles home quite a bit. I love the prosciutto-themed bathroom. 


A tip (advice for an aspiring homemaker)My advise, which is often dismissed, is to not rush through the process of decorating a space. I think collecting pieces that you adore over time is such a special thing — it brings your personal style into your home in a way that rushing the process will never be able to. I love seeing a home and thinking it reflects its owner perfectly. Time is so valuable when getting to know a home or an apartment and its needs (and your needs within it). Don’t be scared of blank corners or empty spaces, worry about filling them meaningfully. 

Today's to do list

  1. Dishes. Always dishes.
  2. Make that lentil squash soup I was talking about earlier
  3. Pay for a parking ticket. Gotta love Los Angeles