New Home Makers' Quizlette: Kennedy Daniel

New Home Makers' Quizlette: Kennedy Daniel

Welcome to our New Home Makers' Quizlette: A place where we get all the details from real people with real lives and very real budgets all on a quest to build the modern home. No fuss. No frill. Just facts (plus some furniture). 


Name: Kennedy Daniel

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: Model

Type of home: 1 bedroom

Time in your space: 1 year

Cohabitants: Black cat named Elton


Side tableJames Baldwin makes everywhere feel like home

Where you dream: Curled upon this Wassily chair preferably with a joint and tea 

Your biggest splurgeMy Marcel Breuer inspired nesting coffee table. I found it on FB Marketplace and knew I had to take her home. I go back and forth between taking everything off of it to admire the design and putting a bunch of books and candles on it to add my personality. I will have this piece forever and I’m excited for it to travel with me. 

Latest additionThis ICONIC photo of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss in the bathroom at the Chanel show, perched right above my toilet.


Your go to recipe: basil prosciutto pasta

  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup diced prosciutto 
  • Handful of diced basil
  • Pasta of your choice
  • One cup heavy whipping cream 

Coziest corner: PURE bliss 

DIY: Does a DIY charcuterie board count?

"Homemaker" idol: Rachel Nguyen, @thatschic

Things that make you happy: My son :) 


A tip (advice for an aspiring homemaker)Bad energy sticks to excess! Don’t be afraid of getting rid of things that aren’t serving you. Part ways with clutter, make sure you can look under your desks and chairs without seeing rubbish… it’s much kinder on the eyes and allows good energy to flow through the space.