New Home Makers' Quizlette: Steven Sharpe Jr

New Home Makers' Quizlette: Steven Sharpe Jr

Welcome to our New Home Makers' Quizlette: A place where we get all the details from real people with real lives and very real budgets all on a quest to build the modern home. No fuss. No frill. Just facts (plus some furniture). 


Name: Steven Sharpe Jr 

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 32

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: I have two! Career Content Creator and Founder & Managing Director at Nobius Creative

Type of home: Apartment; 3 bed 2 bath 

Time in your space: 2.5 years

Cohabitants: My partner, David 


Side table: I've had this side table since my last apartment! While I do love it, I will likely be replacing it soon. The surface has gotten pretty warped due to a certain absent minded plant dad...

Where you cook: I love to cook and I love this kitchen. It's the largest one I've had in an apartment. You can see a part of it in the photo but my favorite part is the little nook behind the stove! I would get a photo closer but my phone is dirty HA! 

Where you dream

Your home away from home: Paris. Always Paris. I come every year and I hope to eventually split my time between Paris and New York. 

Your biggest splurge: This platform bed from Thuma! My old bed frame was metal and squeaked when I moved and now—silence. No regrets. 

Latest addition: I finally pulled the trigger on two of these brass standing lamps to better balance the light in the living room—without turning on the overhead. Turns out I just needed one but instead of returning it, I put the other in my bedroom and it's really changed the space! There's so much more warmth. 


Your go to recipeI have several that I rotate through but its been cold lately so I’ve been leaning into comfort foods. My spicy meat sauce over basmati rice consists of a blend between spicy Italian sausage and ground turkey. I mix and season the meat by hand with cumin, chili powder, garlic, salt and pepper. The meat gets browned over medium heat. Add in tomato paste and tomato sauce (I use an olive oil and garlic variety) and let it simmer over low until you black out from the scent and eat the whole thing. 

Your coziest cornerI find myself nestling into the chaise side of our couch often. Pillows and blankets offer a tantalizing invitation.

Your trusty steed (thing that you cannot live without): My emotional support water bottle

DIYThis bathroom has two sinks but I am one person with a lot of products (David has the other bathroom) so I created more counter space! I removed the faucet, bought this marble pastry board and placed it over the sink. It’s my proudest DIY achievement and very low lift!

"Homemaker" idolThey’re not technically homemakers but Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe and Jackie Aina have taught me that I should live in a space that allows me to be the most comfortable. 

Things that make you happy: Aside from David, PLANTS!


A tip (advice for an aspiring homemaker)Allow yourself to be curious about how you live in the space, not just what it looks like. And this will evolve the longer you live in your space so don’t be surprised when you wake up one day and want to take down all your shelves and repaint everything. 

Phone/ wallet/ keys