New Home Makers' Quizlette: Shannon Anderson 

New Home Makers' Quizlette: Shannon Anderson 

Welcome to our New Home Makers' Quizlette: A place where we get all the details from real people with real lives and very real budgets all on a quest to build the modern home. No fuss. No frill. Just facts (plus some furniture). 


Name: Shannon Anderson 

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 27

Location: East Village, NYC 

Occupation: Marketing for an interior design firm & home furnishings line

Type of home: Studio

Time in your space: Almost 2 years

Cohabitants: Me, myself & I 


Side table: I use this side table as a nightstand and I love that it's almost the exact height of my bed. It has a big marble top which is a nice surface to display things, plus I can reach an arm over at night in the dark and everything I need is right there within reach. I like to disguise the personal items I'd usually keep in a drawer in a fancy box instead. 

 Where you cook: "Cook" is a stretch. This is where I assemble food.

Where you dream

First purchase that made your space your home: I think the small personal items make my space feel the most like home. Books are always a comforting sight that bring back memories. They've traveled with me from college and to every apartment since.

Your biggest splurge: This little coolie lampshade was a recent splurge. It's made with hand marbled paper by a mother-daughter duo based in the UK. I love that it has these sort of psychedelic swirls. It's somewhat metallic, so it looks beautiful in the sunlight, and then has a really warm glow when I turn it on at night. Definitely worth the investment--good lighting is so important. 

Latest addition: This old oil painting on wood of a strange man. Every woman needs a portrait of a strange man in her apartment.. to ward off other strange men.


Coziest corner: This spot on my sofa is my go-to for reading and scrolling.

DIY: Painting this pedestal was my DIY quarantine project. A few years ago I would've left it white, but I've been trying to embrace color and take more risks in my space. I found it in my parents basement and it was screaming for some fresh paint. I was inspired by Bloomsbury artists Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, and the way they hand painted the fireplaces in their country home, Charleston House. 

"Homemaker" idol: This changes often for me––I find myself drawing inspiration from a lot of different sources. I think Jean Cocteau's home in France was the first one I fell in love with. And I've learned a great deal about homemaking from working for Bunny Williams. 

Things that make you happy: Just about everything in my apartment. But mostly my plants.


A tip (advice for an aspiring homemaker): You don't need to spend a lot to have "good style." Just use your instincts, buy things you like, don't overthink it, and let your space come together over time. Your home should look like you, not like someone else's. Singularity is the true essence of style, I think. 

Today's to do list: I'm going to the Met for the first time since lockdown! NYC finally feels like Fall, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. 

Phone/ wallet/ keys: It's phone/wallet/keys/mask now! All of the above always occupy a spot on my entry table, so they're impossible to lose.