New Home Makers' Quizlette: Ruthie Friedlander

New Home Makers' Quizlette: Ruthie Friedlander

Welcome to our New Home Makers' Quizlette: A place where we get all the details from real people with real lives and very real budgets all on a quest to build the modern home. No fuss. No frill. Just facts (plus some furniture). 


Name: Ruthie Friedlander

Pronoun: She/her

Age: 33

Location: Upper East Side, NYC

Occupation: Founder, At Large Agency & The Chain

Type of home: 2 Bedroom

Time in your space: 4+ years

Cohabitants: Dream husband and cartoon-like cat.


Side table: The side of my bed.

Where you cook: I cook up great orders on Caviar and/or Seamless...

Where you dream: My husband acquired this bed before we were together. It literally was a "gift with purchase" when he bought his apartment. I love it because it's so close to the floor, has under-the-bed storage, and has these sides that jut out, allowing me to stack books and other things. 

Your home away from home: Pre-Covid, my home-away-from home was Montego Bay, Jamaica--specifically, Round Hill. Whenever I feel anxious I close my eyes and pretend I'm there.

Your biggest splurge: I was completely obsessed with the now-closed home decor store The Line. I wanted every single thing in there and could afford none of it. But when my husband and I moved into our apartment, we splurged on this entirely unnecessary wall unit. It was stupid expensive, but is one of my favorite things in my home.


Coziest corner: 

Homemaker Idol: Nancy Meyers, duh.

Things that make you happy: Iced coffee (NOT COLD BREW), hot coffee, my niece Helaina, '90s rock anthems, and my cat, Gracie.



A tip: Put things away. I feel like like there's this trend of leaving all your stuff out in the open. It's great to pare it back, and have only the most meaningful objects displayed.